Flowserve’s Multi-Year Global Safety Campaign to Reduce Accidents

At Flowserve, ensuring the safety of our workforce is paramount. Through various safety campaigns and initiatives through a 5 year campaign, we aim to instill a culture of safety across all operational levels. The Hand Safety Campaign and Safety Week Video are two cornerstone projects that underline our commitment to creating a safer workplace that launched this initiative in 2018

Championing Hand Safety: A Thoughtful Campaign (2018)

Flowserve operates numerous facilities globally, producing equipment designed to withstand harsh and hazardous conditions. The machinery involved in manufacturing these products can pose serious risks if not handled with utmost caution.

The pinnacle of our organizational values is the safety of our associates. Our CEO envisioned a more impactful campaign than previous endeavors, with a spotlight on hand safety.

The creative essence of this campaign was to intertwine the significance of hand safety with the emotional aspects of daily life – envisioning the simple yet profound moments like holding a loved one’s hand, now jeopardized without adequate hand safety practices.

My Role:

Executive Collaboration: Engaged with executives to meticulously plan and finalize the project, ensuring alignment with the organizational vision for safety.

Creative Direction: Led the creative narrative of the campaign, weaving in the emotional undertones to resonate with the audience.

Conceptualization: Conceptualized the core message and visual narrative, setting a compelling premise for the campaign that underscores the indispensable value of hand safety in our daily lives and workplace.

Cultivating a Culture of Safety through Engaging Videos (2018)

At Flowserve, “Safety Week” is a global initiative, reflecting our CEO’s top priority: ensuring a safe work environment across all facilities. In collaboration with the global safety team, the objective was to make Safety Week both effective and memorable. The central theme: “We safeguard our loved ones from unsafe actions at home; the workplace should be no different.” Each day of Safety Week spotlighted a specific safety topic, launched with a video to set the day’s focus.

The videos, meticulously crafted to evoke thought and change perspectives, were translated and subtitled in 15 languages ensuring clear comprehension across our diverse workforce. This project, with video production by Red Productions and creative direction aimed at resonating with our strong safety ethos, successfully heightened safety awareness and fostered a culture of vigilance at Flowserve.

My Role:

Executive and Team Collaboration: Fostered open communication and collaboration with executives and safety teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of the three major safety concerns causing the most incidents globally. This collaborative discourse was pivotal in aligning the project’s goals with Flowserve’s overarching safety objectives.

Creative Direction: Entrusted with the creative helm of the project, I provided Red Productions with the creative blueprint, ensuring the video narrative was compelling, relatable, and resonated with the intended safety messages. My role extended to ensuring that the creative output adhered to Flowserve’s brand guidelines while effectively addressing the identified safety concerns.

Script Development: Actively contributed to scriptwriting, ensuring the narrative was engaging and informative. The script was meticulously crafted to address the major safety concerns, fostering a narrative that would invoke a sense of responsibility and awareness among the associates.

Empowering Safety Consciousness: We added The Stop Work Project (2019)

At the heart of Flowserve’s operations lies an unwavering commitment to safety, championed from the highest leadership levels. The Stop Work Project emerged as a testament to this commitment, reinforcing the idea that every individual within our organization is an invaluable asset, endowed with the authority and responsibility to halt any work perceived as unsafe.

The project was encapsulated in a powerful message signed by our CEO, succinctly conveying the empowerment each team member has in ensuring a safe work environment: “You are the most valuable asset of our company. You are authorized to stop any work you believe is unsafe.” This empowering directive serves not just as a policy, but a culture where safety is the prerogative and duty of each individual.

Ensuring that this crucial message resonated across our global workforce, the directive was meticulously translated into 15 languages, making it accessible and clear to all, irrespective of linguistic and geographic boundaries.

The Stop Work Project underlines the organizational ethos of proactive safety measures, fostering a culture where every individual is a vigilant custodian of safety, embodying the principle that a safe work environment is a collective responsibility and a shared value. Through this initiative, Flowserve fortifies the culture of safety vigilance, making it an integral part of our operational DNA.

My Role:

Executive Engagement: Engaged with the CEO and other executives to align on the vision and objectives of the Stop Work Project, ensuring that the campaign resonates with the organizational ethos of prioritizing safety.

Creative Direction: Directed the creative aspects of the campaign, ensuring the message was clear, empowering, and resonated well with the diverse global workforce. The visual and textual elements were designed to evoke a sense of responsibility and empowerment among associates.

Multilingual Translation Coordination: Coordinated the translation of the CEO’s message into 15 languages, ensuring clarity and accurate conveyance of the campaign’s core message across different linguistic groups within the organization.

TargetZero Initiative: A Journey Towards Enhanced Safety (2020-2024)

At Flowserve, safety is more than just a protocol; it’s a promise to ensure a secure and conducive work environment for every associate. The TargetZero Initiative is a testament to this commitment, aiming for zero incidents across all operations, thus engraving safety as a core organizational value.

Objective: The primary objective was to create a robust brand identity for the TargetZero initiative that would resonate with employees and stakeholders alike, reinforcing the goal of achieving zero safety incidents.


  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to understand the core values and goals of the TargetZero initiative.
  • Led the creative team in developing a distinctive logo that encapsulates the essence of zero incidents.
  • Orchestrated the design of collateral pieces including informative videos, engaging visual aids, and digital assets to provide a coherent and engaging narrative.


  • Successfully crafted a compelling brand identity for the TargetZero initiative, amplifying the importance of safety across the organization.
  • The collateral pieces and videos created under this initiative were instrumental in driving awareness and instilling a safety-conscious culture among associates.
  • Elevated Flowserve’s commitment to a safe working environment, generating positive engagement from both employees and stakeholders.

My Role:

  • Creative Leadership: Directed the creative vision ensuring the TargetZero identity was both meaningful and engaging.
  • Logo Development: Spearheaded the design of the TargetZero logo, encapsulating the initiative’s goal in a visually compelling manner.
  • Collateral and Video Production: Led my team in creating a suite of collateral pieces and informative videos that effectively communicated the safety message, creating a lasting impact.

The success of the TargetZero initiative underscored the power of a well-conceptualized and executed brand identity in driving organizational change toward enhanced safety consciousness. The cohesive narrative, coupled with visually engaging collateral, fortified the culture of safety vigilance at Flowserve.

The Impact: A Tangible Shift Towards Enhanced Safety

Over a span of five years, my team and I spearheaded various safety campaigns at Flowserve with a singular vision: to cultivate a culture where safety isn’t just adhered to, but instinctively practiced. Each campaign, whether it was the TargetZero Initiative, the Hand Safety Campaign, or the engaging Safety Week Videos, was meticulously crafted to resonate with every associate, instilling in them a profound sense of responsibility towards maintaining a safe work environment.

Impact: The culmination of these concerted efforts was a significant reduction in Flowserve’s Total Recordable Accident Rate, bringing it down to 0.26 in 2022. This milestone not only reflected our unyielding commitment to safety but also positioned Flowserve within the top 1% of industrial manufacturers in terms of safety—a testament to the efficacy and reach of our safety campaigns.

This journey wasn’t about numbers alone, but about fostering a community where safety is revered as a collective responsibility. The ripple effect of our initiatives transcended through the ranks, manifesting a workspace where each individual is a custodian of not just their safety, but that of their colleagues as well.

The narrative of safety we wove through various campaigns now echoes through every corridor of Flowserve, mirroring our relentless pursuit of a zero-incident workspace. This impact underscores the pivotal role of thoughtful, well-executed creative campaigns in driving profound organizational change.