RedRaven Brand Launch

RedRaven services and solutions brand for Flowserve. I was the creative lead for Flowserve and involved with the logo development, branding in collaboration with our Agency. Created elements regarding branding and vision for this campaign internally as well to help support the initiative and launch for this brand. It’s a major initiative for Flowserve and I’m very excited to be a part of it. 

  • Client: Flowserve
  • Creative Lead, Brand Lead
  • Collaboration with External Agency and Internal Design team.
  • Video by: Travis Ivy (Senior Video Designer)
  • Provided Creative Direction and Branding to Conception.
  • Other aspects of the project (not shown)
    • Restructured and reorganized the web pages, product pages, and new workflow to incorporate RedRaven.
    • Brand new RedRaven Internal and External Powerpoint Templates
      • Customer Presentations
      •  Sales person presentations
    • Customer System Quote Creation
    • Email signatures
    • Distributor Playbooks
    • Product Branding and Trade dress

Teaser done in-house

Provided Creative direction and collaboration with storyboarding with DHD Films

Provided Creative direction and collaboration with TricomB2B

All social posts and video clips have been done in-house.