Crafting a Global Narrative: The Purpose and Values Campaign

Handpicked by the CEO to be a part of a core team of 12, the journey embarked upon was not just about articulating Flowserve’s Purpose and Values but engraving them in the organizational fabric across the globe. Our mission was clear: derive a compelling company purpose and values through a collaborative discourse, and once crystallized, translate them into a visual narrative that resonates with every associate.

Post approval of the purpose and values, the quest to create a tangible impact commenced. The 144 associates, who were instrumental in molding these guiding principles, were envisioned as regional ambassadors. A meticulously crafted ambassador kit was the cornerstone of this initiative, augmented by facility banners, an employee pocketbook, and a badge symbolizing our shared ethos.

The plethora of collateral, transcending language barriers with translations in 9 languages, found its way to 18,000 employees worldwide, echoing the unified narrative of Flowserve’s Purpose and Values.

My Role:

  • Creative Direction: Orchestrated the visual tone and narrative, ensuring a coherent and impactful representation of Flowserve’s Purpose and Values.
  • Team Coordination: Mentored Senior Designers Victor Tran and Laura Pena, fostering a collaborative environment to bring the visual narrative to life.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Joined forces with print vendors, logistics teams, and facility General Managers to ensure the widespread installation and adherence to the newly minted values across all Flowserve facilities and sales offices globally.
  • Brand Guidance: Ensured the visual elements impeccably aligned with Flowserve’s brand identity, fostering a seamless integration of the Purpose and Values into the larger organizational narrative.