Purpose and Values Global Campaign

I was chosen by the CEO to be in a team of 12 core members. We were assigned to assemble and work with a cross-functional team across the globe to develop the company purpose and values. After the purpose and values were approved we wanted to create something that made the purpose and values have a visual impact for our associates.

We also wanted the 144 associates who helped develop the purpose and values to be ambassadors and to help promote it regionally. We made a purpose and values ambassador kit, developed facility banners, an employee pocketbook, and badge. All of the collateral was translated in 9 languages and sent out to 18,000 employees around the world.

  • Creative Direction
  • Senior Designers (Victor Tran, Laura Pena)
  • Collaborated with print vendors, logistics teams, and facility GM’s to make sure the values were installed in every Flowserve facility and sales office across the globe.
  • Brand Guidance