The New Homepage

I was the creative lead for this project on collaborating with multiple vendors to create the new We looked at competitors in our industry and most of them had a very product-centric homepage and site. I didn’t want Flowserve to be like other competitors, I wanted it to be perceived differently. We wanted to make sure we were more than just a products company. We are solutions-driven organization with our purpose as the reason we make decisions. I wanted the site to evoke this

What we took into consideration with the new design

  • Go for an immersive, tech/innovation, people/nature related look
  • Guide the user’s eye through visuals and clear navigation
  • Noticeable call to actions
  • Embedded video capability
  • Mobile friendly
  • Focus on the knowledge, end to end solutions, and technology – not just the products

We wanted the homepage to give you an overall mood into Flowserve as a group of people coming together to fulfill a common purpose.

At Flowserve, we…

… offer solutions that benefit everyone and make the world a better place
…affect people and their lives in a positive way and want to involve them in our world
…solve technical, complex engineering, and technological problems
…are moving into the future

In collaboration with our vendors, I set brand and photography standards solved challenges to improve the UX and user experience with our site. was officially launched on Jan 28th, 2022.