Crafting Creativity: My Nine Guiding Design Principles

When I delved into martial arts as a teenager, I was introduced to the concept of Qi, believed to be the internal life force that dwells within every individual. This energy’s strength or weakness hinges on one’s training and mindset. I often draw parallels between this concept and the creative energies within us. Our actions and mindsets can either fortify or diminish our creative work and the flow of ideas.

As a creative, you may encounter instances where you become fixated on a single idea, closing yourself off to other possibilities, ultimately hindering your design flow. Additionally, some individuals weaken the collective creative energy within a team due to their inability to let go of their egos. Even leaders can unintentionally stifle the flow of ideas by hastily dismissing contributions from team members during brainstorming sessions.

Three years ago, I embarked on a journey to articulate my ‘design aspirations,’ which encompassed nine guiding principles for design and leadership that I aimed to uphold within my group and personally. These principles have proven their significance over time, especially when pursuing new and innovative ideas in the face of opposition.

While these principles may appear deceptively simple, each one is intentionally challenging and aspirational. They serve as a compass guiding me and my team toward creative excellence and innovation in every endeavor.