Box on Boards LLC.

To continue the tradition of making move guides. We made Moves for Injustice 2  It’s helped regular gamers and even some tournament gamers to use the app to help improve their skill level. The custom combo creator really helps them remember the combos that they came up with. We didn’t add any images of the game characters in there because we did not want to infringe on any trademarks held by Netherrealm studios. Have over 10,000 downloads since releasing it 6 months ago.

Moves for Injustice 2(Free)


To create an app to help people learn the Injustice 2 game moves quicker. The ability to save their combos in the app so they can edit and reference them when they want to.


  • Pencils & paper (for initial concepts)
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • UIX

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