Cultivating Leadership: The Leadership Development Campaign

As part of the transformative agenda, Flowserve 2.0, an initiative aimed at redefining the contours of Flowserve’s operational and organizational landscape, the Leadership Development Campaign emerged as a cornerstone. Spearheaded by the Human Resources department, this campaign was meticulously crafted to hone the skills of existing and budding leaders within Flowserve’s expansive cadre, fortifying a leadership pipeline primed to navigate the challenges of a dynamic industrial landscape.

My Role:

  • Creative Direction: Led the creative helm, conceptualizing a visual narrative that resonated with the aspirational essence of leadership development, ensuring a coherent and engaging user experience.
  • Team Coordination: Fostered a collaborative environment, guiding Graphic Designer Laura Pena and Videographer Travis Ivy, ensuring the visual and narrative coherence of the campaign’s message.
  • Brand Guidance: Ensured the campaign’s visual elements impeccably aligned with Flowserve’s brand ethos, nurturing a seamless integration with the overarching narrative of Flowserve 2.0.

The campaign was not merely about learning; it was an invitation to envision, lead, and foster a culture of continual growth and innovation, propelling Flowserve towards a horizon of amplified potential and enhanced operational excellence.

Enterprise Mindset video to Kick off Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development Topic and Inspirational

Some of the Leadership development collateral