Flowserve FLOWSYNC

Actuators are often located in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas, making it difficult for operators to control them safely. That’s why we developed a new interface for a mobile app that allows users to control actuators remotely via Bluetooth, from a safe distance of up to 20 meters (or 66 feet). This innovative solution provides a more convenient and efficient way for Flowserve customers to operate their actuator equipment.

  • Branding and Messaging
  • User Research for Application
  • Wireframe / Workflow
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Social Media
  • Video and Animation Direction

The Strategy

Research showed that converting the physical dials and commands on an actuator to a digital app wasn’t enough. Customers wanted more – they wanted to use familiar touch-screen commands, securely connect to smart actuators via Bluetooth to configure them, or change settings remotely. They wanted to know the actuator’s overall health, confirm its position, and check its voltage and torque. We wanted to push even further by allowing the user to export and import configuration data quickly, allowing them to configure and commission one actuator or multiple units faster in the workshop or at the installation site.

The Beginning

The insights gained from the led workshops, research, and analysis drove us to think bigger. Led and collaborated with stakeholders, vendors, and designers to develop the workflow, user interface, name, branding, design system, and guidelines for FlowSync.

A Consistent Experience

By using the RedRaven design language from the Insight Portal, we were able to create a uniform user experience for FlowSync. This helped make the user experience smooth and cohesive, with shared components, iconography, and styles.

Video Simplifies the Concept

Videos describing key technologies like LoRaWAN and introducing technologies for valves to allow customers to envision applications in their environments.

The Impact

FlowSync is part of Flowserve’s Energy Transition strategies. The focus is to digitize the critical processes and make them more efficient and accurate. It’s also to support our customers accomplish priority operational objectives and strategic energy transition initiatives.