Flowserve – Environment Design for Corporate Office

Flowserve Logo

I love simplifying and abstracting logos. Since I use resin and make abstract work in my artwork I wanted to see how that translates. I thought it would be fun to play with some shapes and colors. I wanted to abstract the logo as minimal as possible but still readable. I love the mirror concept because it would reflect the environment showing a reflection of the person viewing it into the logo and making the space look larger.

Clear Acrylic and Mirrors oh my!

Wall elevation example

I did this on my own time to see if I could make it a different experience for visitors and coworkers visiting the corporate headquarters.

Assembly Vertical Circulating Water Pump, Spain

Assembly of 71APM VCT Vertical Circulating Water Pump video was produced in collaboration with an agency located in Spain. Provided the following:

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Guidence
  • Coslada, Spain