I’ve always had a passion for doing traditional art. There was a time where I stopped doing art. I felt something was missing in my life. Seven years ago, I picked up doing traditional art again in my free time over the weekends. I started experimenting with new mediums such as resin and slowly moved into doing Alcohol ink paintings. Alcohol inks are traditionally used to make greeting cards and there weren’t people using this medium to make large paintings or sharing anything they learned. I realized this when I tried asking someone how they did a particular technique and they refused to tell me. This motivated me to teach everyone all my knowledge about the subject as I learn. So naturally, I started a YouTube channel, it’s been growing since.

I’ve found my purpose in art: “To help others by showing them different ways to express themselves through art.”

The technique isn’t the only aspect of art. One of the biggest hurdles when doing anything creative is your mindset. I’ve been doing guest lectures, demonstrations, and have been featured in many art publications and shows.

My Youtube Channel: Askari Art


My Art Purpose

Alcohol Ink Paintings

I love emerging media. I’ve been fasicinated with Crypto Currency for the last 8 years. When I heard about NFT’s which combine Art and Cryptocurrency I couldn’t resist. I made a small body of work that combined my alcohol ink and 3d/photoshop skills.