Rekindling a Passion, Cultivating a Community

There was a phase in my life when the allure of traditional art faded, leaving a void that echoed through my daily existence. However, seven years ago, the dormant artist in me rekindled the romance with traditional artistry during tranquil weekends. My creative curiosity led me to explore new mediums, with resin catching my fancy initially, followed by a deep dive into the vibrant world of Alcohol Ink paintings.

Traditionally relegated to greeting card designs, Alcohol Inks hadn’t yet found their expression on larger canvases. The guarded secrecy around techniques by some artists piqued my curiosity further. I was spurred to not only master this medium but to share the acquired knowledge openly. This led to the birth of my YouTube channel, which has been a growing repository of techniques and inspirations for many.

The realization dawned that art was not just a personal retreat but a channel to assist others in finding their unique expressive voice. My mantra evolved: “Empowering others to explore diverse avenues of artistic expression.” This journey transcended beyond techniques, venturing into the realm of mindset – a crucial facet in nurturing creativity.

Engaging with a broader community through guest lectures, live demonstrations, and features in esteemed art publications and shows, has been a fulfilling extension of my artistic journey. Each interaction, a step towards fostering a culture of open sharing and learning in the art realm, aligning perfectly with the ethos of nurturing creativity and community over competition.

Rediscovering Art: A Journey of Expression and Sharing

Some of my Paintings

I love emerging media. I’ve been fasicinated with Crypto Currency for the last 8 years. When I heard about NFT’s which combine Art and Cryptocurrency I couldn’t resist. I made a small body of work that combined my alcohol ink and 3d/photoshop skills.