Delivering Award-winning ESG and Annual Reports for Four Consecutive Years

Over the past four years, our commitment to documenting and showcasing Flowserve’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives has been unwavering. A meticulous collaboration with the legal team ensures timely delivery of these crucial reports, all while maintaining a high standard of design excellence that has garnered recognition.

My Role:

  • Executive Coordination: Conducted meetings with executive members to plan, gain approval, and finalize the content and design of the report.
  • In-House Design Management: Spearheaded the in-house design process to ensure consistency, creativity, and adherence to brand standards.
  • Creative Direction: Provided focused creative guidance to designer Milissa Myers, ensuring the visual representation aligned with the narrative and goals of the report.
  • Concept Development: Pioneered the conceptual framework, setting a clear and engaging theme that resonates with Flowserve’s ESG commitments.

The meticulous execution of these tasks played a crucial role in articulating Flowserve’s ESG narratives in an aesthetically compelling and coherent manner, year after year.