I bring more than 18 years of experience in design, creative team leadership, production, UIX, branding, videography and photography. I have excellent time management and prioritization skills. And, over the years, I have built a team with a reputation for honesty, integrity, humility and a strong work ethic throughout my current organization.

I place a high value on getting to know the business and the people I work with so that I can manage and execute projects quickly and accurately. My drive to improve processes helps me recognize and translate emerging trends into marketable design strategies and concepts. This drive led me to be chosen for a core team of 12 to develop the Flowserve purpose and values from the ground-up. Currently, I am rebuilding the Flowserve brand standards in partnership with an outside agency, among other various creative projects for the CEO and divisional leadership to promote safety and customer focus globally.

Embracing my entrepreneurial spirit, I co-founded Vibrant Displays in 2014 – a company that has allowed me to learn about new industries and technologies, as well as what it takes to run a business. Through Vibrant Displays, I have gained the confidence to effectively pitch tailored solutions to numerous businesses and the ability to brand a company from inception.

Before Vibrant Displays, I was a 3D modeling and animation professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ultimately, it was through this experience that I discovered my love for mentoring, developing and leading others. And, teaching others helped me to become an even better listener and collaborator.

It is with these traits and experiences in mind that I believe myself to be a strong candidate.