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Kaivan is a seasoned design executive with over 22 years of product, interactive, and branding experience. He is an exceptionally polished speaker with the ability to communicate concepts clearly and compellingly to audiences of all levels of understanding and seniority with a record of success.

He’s a husband of one and father of four who also finds time to pursue personal projects on the side. To date, Kaivan has helped over 15,000 people fight anxiety and depression by teaching art through his Askari Art YouTube channel. He also loves brand positioning and has worked on projects like 3Three Apparel and Vibrant Displays.

My Work

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Leader & Mentor

As an industry veteran who began my career as a Designer, I have learned by example and experience that servant leadership is key to building a culture of collaboration and innovation. On my team, there is one, key rule: Always look to invest and help each other. With this mindset, we are united in building unique and beautiful products through the harnessed power of collaboration.


My secret to delivering strong user experiences comes from establishing consistency through process improvement. It’s about finding a balance between changing priorities and long-term goals to ensure we aren’t limiting innovation with rules while still providing a stellar product.


What once was considered a basic marketing strategy has evolved into a concept of every shape and size. Activating new brand vision and awareness is a pivotal part of any company’s growth strategy, and it’s my job to make sure that clients have end-to-end experiences in place. Which stands out in a competitive noisy marketplace.

Creative Strategizer

In a world where customers face an onslaught of messaging, my team is creating thoughtful campaigns that cut through the noise and reach audiences in impactful and memorable ways. It’s about leveraging not just the opportunity of first impressions, but second, and third impressions: campaigns that build trust with customers. We dig into the “why” as well as the “what” in the stories we create.


At the core of any business is a customer experience that not only retains its existing base but allows growth outward into new markets. My team and I are dedicated to doing our research in finding out what matters most to a base and finding a way to incorporate those priorities to align with both the business and customer vision.

Cultivator & Motivator

Nearly a decade of my tenure has been dedicated to cultivating an environment that encourages revolutionary thinking among teams that disrupt the status quo. I strive to provide my people with the stretch opportunities they need to strengthen their own capacity to think outside the box and deliver game-changing solutions.


What my peers say about me

Kaivan is a talented creative director with fresh, innovative ideas. I worked with him on several projects and his design work was always top-notch. He is patient and always willing to go to the extra mile to make sure your vision is realized.

It was always a thrill to incorporate Kaivan’s designs into campaign proposals to business partners; there are few things that bring a communications strategy to life like quality design! Any organization would be lucky to have Kaivan as part of their team.

Kaivan is a dedicated professional and does a brilliant job in his position of Creative Director. He is always willing to go the extra mile on projects and will always find an answer to one’s question. I highly recommend Kaivan in this position and as a true asset to any major corporation.

I have more than 20 years of communications experience and can recommend no one more highly than Kaivan Askari. He possesses a remarkable and unique combination of talents…inspired creativity, sound business sense, technological savvy and, most importantly, just general good guy-ness. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Kaivan. I know I am.

Kaivan is a strong creative services leader who brings dynamic energy, outstanding creative talents and a gift for working both with business leaders and the ability to translate business needs into creative compelling deliverables. He is a positive calm force for his team and his clients even in the midst of a fast-paced environment. I worked with Kaivan for years and was always impressed with his ability to quickly understand the creative brief, ask the right questions and deliver great work. It’s challenging to find someone with both the creative department and team management ability and creative talent, and he brings both at a high level of performance.

I had the pleasure of working with Kaivan at Flowerve. He always had an extraordinarily positive attitude and great professionalism, with attention to detail. He was always very responsive and thorough.

Kaivan was an amazing classmate to have. He was always pushing the bar of the quality of work that was happening at the university. He always had great imaginative ideas and was one of the most dependable people to work with. There were few people who were more excited to help others or pitch in for projects.

He’s a pretty great guy in general and I’d be excited to get the chance to work with him again

I worked with Kaivan on the 24 Hour Short Film project @ UT Dallas… He is an excellent communicator and felt right at home in taking charge of the team and leading us to the finish line.

Kaivan was an enthusiastic student of the 3D arts when he attended the University of Texas at Dallas’ Art and Technology program. Whether it was 3D modeling in Zbrush or mocap cleanup in Motion Builder, Kaivan was always enthusiastic. What he did not learn immediately in class, he tried to learn from other resources, be it print, online or even advanced students.

Should Kaivan mention that he studied various 3D disciplines, you can be assured he made a through study.

Kaivan Askari is a very intelligent former masters graduate of the Arts and Technology degree program at The University of Texas at Dallas. His work was highly sought after on grant contract projects awarded to the ATEC program while he was a graduate student here. He is a very responsible young man, who is dedicated to producing the highest quality of work in his field. I am happy to recommend Kaivan Askari and to endorse his quailifications.

Kaivan and I have worked on many different creative projects in the past and it was always an honor and a pleasure to be able to so. Kaivan was definitely a team player that contributed helpful criticisms and could always be counted on to be involved in implementing those ideas.

It is apparent in his work that he is a very talented individual and I have always been inspired and impressed with his motivation and desire with anything that he has put his mind to.

Above all, Kaivan has always been one of outstanding character and work ethic. I look forward to the day when we might be able to come together again on a project in the future.



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